Essay is a creative writing paper that is a statement of the author’s thoughts on a topic. In its structure, the entry, the main part and the conclusion are not singled out separately, but the composition presupposes their presence. If the introductory or final theses are missing, this is considered an error.

In the introduction, the reader is introduced to the topic: here the author can describe the problem, reveal the essence of the exciting aspects, or raise a question that will be answered later.

The content of the essay is devoted to the analysis of issues. At this stage it is necessary to demonstrate your knowledge, the ability to express thoughts clearly, subjecting them to a logical sequence and the laws of stylistics.

The task of the final part is to summarize what was written, to summarize and draw conclusions, to draw attention to the position of the author. The conclusion should not be cumbersome, but solid and capacious, because it is this element of the composition that can make the work whole and meaningful.

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In order to create a good essay, the author must possess a theme, be familiar with the positions of researchers, and be able to analyze, reason and prove, think creatively, show emotions and feelings. To saturate the text, it is recommended to use rhetorical figures and trails, quote and give a detailed comment to them, pick up the epigraph. As a final chord, a bright aphorism is also often used, illustrating the author’s conclusion or main idea.

Writing is a fairly popular form of control, but experience does not always help students. It often happens that a student cannot form his thoughts well enough and beautifully. And sometimes, on the contrary, there is no time to fully grasp the subject line in order to write a quality essay. Both in the first and in the second case the student can hardly count on a high mark.

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